baby food – to make or not to make

As a conscientious new mother, I wanted to make homemade, organic baby food for my little one.  To ensure her little temple is nourished with the freshest, best fruits and veggies.  At the same time, I noticed commercial baby food was relatively inexpensive (less than $1 a jar) and the ingredients seemed reasonable (organic peas and water).  And think of all the extra time I would have….

Furthermore, I read in some publications (including one from the American Academy of Pediatrics) that certain vegetables (carrots, spinach, beets, green beans and squash) from certain regions contain nitrates in unsafe quantities for babies (something commercial baby food manufacturing screens for).

I also read the quantities of nitrates would need to be obscene in order to affect your child.  Here’s an article from Slate magazine on all the virtues of homemade baby food:

Ultimately decided to make my own baby food (of course).  I love trying new things in the kitchen.  AND it justified the purchase of a fancy high-powered blender.  But baby’s health was my primary motivator.  Definitely.

After purchasing said blender, making baby food was easier than driving to Target for diapers!  All you have to do is steam the fruit or veggie and then blend/ puree with a little formula or other liquid.   Find my baby food recipes here.

Funny thing, my baby decided not to eat it.  But that’s another post – including what you can do with the baby food avalanche that happens every time you open your freezer.