I am so excited to launch my blog today with my very first post!

As the first of what will undoubtedly be millions of posts, let me start by saying I am a mom to one daughter and one adorable pup, a wife and I work full-time.  Despite all that busy-ness, I like to do some things the old fashioned-way.  I like handmade Halloween costumes and homemade dessert.  I like knowing where my food comes from and what it contains and the best way to do that is to make it myself.  I like having an herb garden so I always have whatever I need at hand.  I also love experimenting in the kitchen – even if it doesn’t always turn out amazing.

Beginning with a backpacking trip through Central America in 2001, I sent out regular emails to friends and family sharing my experiences – misadventures and victories alike.  My publication list became longer as my group of friends and family expanded.  As I travelled through Asia, Africa and South America for work, I detailed (sometimes in much too much detail) culinary adventures and mishaps, cultural exchanges and what I learned along the way.  With the birth of my daughter my missives became more regular (but shorter and with more pictures).  Now I am launching kitsch n’ kitchen to expand my distribution (and one day take over the world).  I will share tips and advice on cooking, parenting, wifing, working and juggling all the aforementioned in this blog.

I still need to build the business plan and a structured schedule, but here I am, with the first post at least.

It has taken me a long time to get here and I have many people to thank.  The first is my generous, amazing and super-creative friend Ben.  I could not love him more.  Ben has inspired and encouraged and helped me figure this out.  He has an AWESOME business and website,  His success and experience made me think that I might actually be able to start my own blog, which I have yearned to do for years.  I also have to thank my mom and dad for their infinite patience in letting me talk this idea to DEATH.  This website wouldn’t exist at all if it wasn’t for my wonderful and supportive husband Rick and my hilarious and captivating daughter, Willa Rose (also Brady – his paws are in everything).

Readers, welcome to my kitsch n’ kitchen, where the food is hot, the drinks are cold and there’s always room for one more.