the flippity floppity fish, the octopus and the tsunami

Tonight Willa and I played a newish game I’ll call The Flippity Floppity Fish, the Octopus and the Tsunami. It started on the changing table. As I tried to change her diaper, Willa flip-flopped around like a fish out of water. When I finally managed to hold her down at the waist to tape the diaper, her tentacles lashed out and knocked EVERYTHING off the changing table. The dirty diaper, the day’s clothes, the diaper cream, everything. Of course, all of that activity kicked up a frothy tsunami of partially digested milk.

As I was typing this up, one of her tentacles reached and jerked the powercord out of my laptop.  She shoved it into her mouth before I even realized what happened.

You know how they say lions can’t be pets. That they’re adorable when young but grow to be wild, untamable animals in adolescence and adulthood? I think Willa may be a little lioness.

Watch out world.