cherry limeades or, how to use the baby food your kid won’t eat, part 1

As a new mom, I thought it important to make my new baby’s food.  I read all the books, and followed all of the instructions only to discover that my baby doesn’t like baby food.  No, she only wants to eat mommy’s food.  Guacamole with cayenne and jalapeno, YES!  Spicy Indian lentils, ABSOLUTELY.  Pureed organic cherries made with plenty of TLC- NEVER.

I hate wasting food, so here’s the first installment of what to do with the baby food avalanche that happens every time you open your freezer.  In particular, I recommend this after a long day of child care :).


1 tbs freshly squeezed lime juice
1 frozen (or thawed) cube of pureed cherries (2 tbs) – you can sub other fruit (Ex: blueberries)
1 ounce (2 tbs) vodka
8 ounces club soda
1 tsp simple syrup

  1. Put all of the ingredients in a glass.
  2. Stir and drink.
  3. Make another.
  4. Giggle.
  5. Sleep like a baby.

NOTE:  You may omit the vodka, of course.  But you’ll lose the giggling and possibly the sleeping.