updated easter eggs

Last month a friend came to town for a visit.  While she was here she described how she and her son had been decorating Easter eggs for the past 7 years.  This process may not be easier, but it delivers a better final product and you don’t have to worry about stained fingertips.


hard boiled eggs – as many as you want
a big candle or kitchen lighter

  1. Set up shop – cover your work space with newspaper or wax paper.
  2. Find something to act as a base for your egg – I cut an empty cardboard paper towel  tube into rings to act as egg stands.
  3. Find a backdrop for your egg – you need something that won’t blow over with the force of your huffing and puffing.  Make sure it’s something you don’t mind messing up, as it will end cup covered in crayon splatter as well.
  4. Place your backdrop immediately behind (touching) your egg.  Otherwise you will blow the egg right off of it’s fancy cardboard stand.
  5. Warm the end of the crayon with a lit candle or kitchen lighter until almost dripping wax.
  6. With the melted tip of the crayon in front of the egg, blow hard to cause the melted crayon wax to splatter on the surface of the egg.  Repeat to provide as much or as little coverage as you want.
  7. Hide these suckers and see who can find the most!

I don’t have a lawyer, but I think if I did, she would ask me to include something like this:  The activity described above is intended for adults.  Children should never be left alone with or in control of fire or devices that can cause a fire.  Serious injury could result.

Kimla, is this what yours look like? I hope you’re having fun in Utah this afternoon, riding four wheelers.