“all Scottish food is based on a dare…”

For those of you who don’t recognize that quote, I had based all my Scottish food assumptions on the few comments made by Mike Myers in “So I Married an Axe Murderer.”  I am happy to share that this is not entirely the case.  OR, the Scots saw that movie and then cleaned up their recipes and menus.

First stop, the Golf Club at King’s Barns.  I ordered the cullen skink.  What?!  No relation to a sink or a skunk, this delicious smoked haddock stew is something to write home about.  It had a creamy (but not thick or gloopy) briny, seafood-y broth with chunks of smoked haddock, small sliced potatoes and sweet corn.  Worth trying to recreate at home (more to come).

Ever the foodie, Rick ordered nachos.  I’m pretty sure they were Cool Ranch Doritos (is that still a flavor?) with melted cheddar cheese and thin slices of red onion.  Confirmation of my Life Rule #14- Don’t order Tex Mex outside of the the country (Corollary A: Avoid Tex Mex north of the Mason-Dixon line without a native cook).

We followed our host’s dinner suggestion and headed to Forgan’s in St. Andrews our first night.  The space was very cool with great atmosphere and killer live music.  We had an awesome bartender with plenty of local beer flowing and the food was amazing!  If you ever make it to St. Andrews, this place is worth a visit.

As per usual, I dove right in with an order of haggis balls.  They came with neeps, tatties (mashed potatoes) and a malt whisky gravy.  I thought the neeps were mashed carrots (they’re orange) with ginger – they were smooth and sweet and zingy.  It turns out they’re mashed yellow turnips (who knew these were so good?!)!  Haggis is a Scottish blood sausage, in this case rolled in small balls, breaded and fried.  It sounds questionable, I know, but even Rick enjoyed these (the guy who ordered nachos for his first meal in Scotland).

I had the duck shepherd’s pie for my main course.  This you will definitely be seeing once I get around to making my version of it.  The duck was tender and juicy, topped with baked mashed potatoes and served with a side of gravy and roasted veggies.  DE.LIC.IOUS.

duck shepherd's pieDessert was good, too.  Sticky toffee pudding – this is a toffee-flavored cake that is partially soaked in a sticky, toasty, caramel-y toffee sauce.  It is on most restaurant menus here, but that makes it no less wonderful.

Stay tuned for more posts on the not-based-on-a-dare culinary delights of Scotland!





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  1. Wow – what a foodie adventure. All sounds amazing! Looking forward to your recipes on the duck shepherd pie and the smoked haddock soup.