homemade chipotle ketchup

I know, I know, making my own ketchup is ridiculous.  There are several varieties of organic and regular available for unbelievably low prices at my neighborhood grocery store.  The fact is, this recipe takes a long time, is a lot of work, and is a bit expensive.  But I love ketchup!  AND if one of those doomsdayer scenarios ever plays out, I am set.  I will make and sell ketchup in exchange for fresh vegetables, meat and personal protection.  This is good enough to exchange for all of those things.  Trust me.  Or don’t – make it yourself and let me know how yours turns out!  Adapted from the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.

Makes 2.5 pints


6 lbs tomatoes
1 chopped vidalia onion
3 tbs minced garlic
2 chipotle peppers in adobo
3/4 cups apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp celery salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cloves
1/2 tsp allspice
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 cup sugar
1 tbs pickling or canning salt
1 tbs olive oil

  1. Heat the olive oil in a large dutch oven over medium high heat.  Add onions and garlic and saute until onion is translucent.
  2. Add quartered tomatoes, chipotle peppers, vinegar, celery salt, cinnamon, cloves, allspice and cayenne and bring to a boil over high heat, stirring frequently.  Reduce heat and boil gently for 1 hour.
  3. Working in batches, puree tomato mixture in a blender until as smooth as possible.  Pass through a strainer to remove seeds and any skin that wasn’t pureed.
  4. Clean out the dutch oven before you add the pureed tomato mixture back into the pot.
  5. Add the puree to the pot with salt and sugar and cook over medium low heat, stirring occasionally until puree reaches desired consistency.  Traditional ketchup consistency takes a LONG time.  I cooked mine for about 5 hours and still didn’t hit the 57 varieties stage.  You can also do this step in a slow cooker.  If you use a slow cooker, set the pot on high and cook without the lid to allow the steam to escape.
  6. Prepare jars, lids and canner.
  7. Fill sterilized jars leaving 1/2 inch headspace.  Wipe rim, center lid and tighten band to finger-tip tight.
  8. Process in boiling water for 15 minutes, remove canner lid and process for 5 more minutes.
  9. Fry up some potatoes and enjoy!